Low Gluten & Gluten Free Breads


The Landmark Bakery in Kaslo produces several Artisan Styled Breads to meet those requirements of low and gluten free diets.  Both breads are very good for those wishing to reduce Gluten in one’s diet – of course the last bread, using no gluten flours at all is the best for this.

REDUCED GLUTEN is found in Spelt products, where there is a minimal amount of gluten, about 3% – this is compared to standard wheat flours which can have up to 12% – 14% gluten. In the recipe developed at the Landmark Bakery further nutritional benefits have been accentuated by using Organic Apple Sauce instead of any oils, shortenings, butters, or margarines. This allows the bread to remain moist and stay fresh longer.

This bread weighs almost 800 grams (1lb 10oz.) and uses Organic Whole Grain Spelt Flour and Clear Spelt Flour.  It also has a small amount of 100% Rye sourdough which adds a wonderful flavor.  Sea Salt is used in all our baked products.  As well, fresh yeast is used to raise the bread.

Spelt is a grain which has been around and harvested for millenia.  It is mentioned as one of the crops that was damaged during the time of Moses and the Pharoh in Egypt.  More information can be found in this link www.spelt.com , as well as this intersting British page www.sharphampark.com/about-spelt/the-history-of-spelt .

Spelt 400X414

The Landmark Bakery also produces a NON-WHEAT bread and by definition it is GLUTEN FREE.  As we do most of our baking with Gluten flours it is not possible for us to claim that the product is going to be 100% Gluten Free as there may be some transfer of gluten flour to the bread in small doses due to its presence in the facility.  All precautions are taken to make the product free of wheat flour, this includes baking the bread first thing in the morning after all equipment and surfaces have been cleaned, and using baking pans specifically reserved for this product.  Furthermore, we place the bread to cool on a rack above all other baked goods to prevent any transfer of flour from regular gluten products.

GLUTEN FREE BREAD is tricky due to the precautions we take above, and it is a very wet, sticky dough.  A baker has to almost forget all he knows of baking bread in making this product as starch is being developed rather than gluten.  It is also necessary to be highly involved in the mixing process with scrapping the mixing bowl multiple times to see that there are no dry ingredients left behind.  The baking temperature needs to remain high, and a full 42 min bake at 400 – 425 F is very effective.

This bread is made with Maize and Rice flour primarily, and is raised with fresh yeast.

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