Build A Website

Steps I Took To Build This Website!


Website Building Info:

Cost – $202.53

Step 1:  Get a domain name –  $19.76 + 2.37 (tax) = $22.13

I used the following after spending about 2 hours since a .com or .net site were not what I wanted, thus, “hostgator” or “godaddy” were not options.  Insight:  Most name places also want to be hosts for your website.

Step 2:  Find a Webhost.  I pay $6.95/mo., but when filling out the payment discovered it goes through as $83.40 for 1 year.

Prices differ greatly, along with service or lack of it, online review sites are very good to help in your search and discovering the ‘bad’ hosting sites.  If you get to a bad one, your website can be held hostage, unless you come up with bogus fees etc., or so it appears.  Finally, found the following – they seem superior to most out there, and price was very reasonable.


Step 3:  Build the Website on WordPress.  Bought a custom theme with instructions.  $97.00

Lots of FREE WP themes and they all take time to learn WordPress.

Here is the system I used:  WordPress Website Template by <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Expand2Web</a>