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Welcome to the Landmark Bakery website.

I hope to use this blog to inform people about baking and the positive aspects to eating clean products with no preservatives.  As has often been stated in wellness circles – “You are a living being. You should not put a dead product into a living being”.  This is the primary cornerstone of my baking philosophy.

Preservatives and chemical additives placed in many baked products to ‘slow down’ the aging/staling process actually render the breads almost nutritionally null.  In my breads a person should find that if the bread is left at room temperature after about 5 days that it will begin to mold.  That is because the bread is still living.  It’s nutritional properties have not been interfered with and it will provide the nutrition it is intended to.

I will also be adding information about where I live in Kaslo.  I will provide information on things to do in the area, especially things to do that would require a quick snack, coffee, or sub sandwich pick up at the bakery!

Thanks for coming here …. Robert and Bettyann

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